After approving the CCI Consultation Report, your reimagined space comes to fruition. This process can be completed all at once or using a phased approach. Ultimately the room is reconfigured, furniture is updated, design elements are placed, Artwork is hung, and your space has transformed.  

Residential Real Estate

Review & Recommend

You have decided to remodel a space in your home but walking into Home Depot or Lowes can be intimidating. I serve as your renovation consultant from beginning to end. I meet with you to discuss the scope of the project, identify materials and finishes, and interview and recommend contractors. 

I meet with you to review your interior design needs and discuss your lifestyle, the space’s function, your personal style, cultural influences, and unique interests. This informs my design recommendations which are presented to you along with a Consultation Report.  

Home interior Design

Home staging has become increasingly popular because often it leads to an increased market value and the faster sale of your home. Staging uses design to emphasize your home’s strengths, improve its weaknesses, and ensure that it appeals to as many people as possible.

remodel & Renovate

Reimagine & Reconfigure